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Privacy Policy

Wholekart.com gives greater importance to the security of our customers. The company does not indulge in any trade or sale of your personal data, except those mentioned herein or in the expression of consent from the customers:

The information facilitated provided by you will be used for the following:

a) Enabling access to the website
b) For responding to customer inquiries, queries or request information about services and offers.
c) Offering data about the company’s products/ services
d) Send information about products and offers of the company
e) Send information about the website, terms, and conditions, policies and miscellaneous data
f) For sending you surveys, marketing information about the company that would interest the users
g) For administering product downloads
h) Improvement of services, advertising, and content
i) For protecting the integrity of customer information and website
j) For processing payments, communicate with customers regarding the purchase of products and offering customer service
k) For conducting data analysis, reviews of the website
l) For complying with disclosures and legal requirements listed under the laws of India.

Security of data

Customer privacy is of the utmost importance to the company. All the information is completely secured under our strict encryption policy protected using physical, technical and administrative safeguards. We apply standard security protocol and mechanism for the exchange of sensitive information related to payment through cards/ net banking/ online mode. In conditions of the breach, the company takes the onus of notifying customers through email or fax and restore the integrity of information back to the system.


Wholekart.com uses third-party service for providing a limited display of advertisements on our portals and websites. However, no user information is exchanged or leaked during the process except for aggregate profile data comprising of the user community for enabling advertisers to know about the user preference. Some of the banner ads may comprise of pixels, however, while they do not associate with the leak of personal data or cookie, it may be used to return session information for enabling advertisers to determine the reachability.

User Discretion

Customers can determine their choice in not providing any personal information. However, in conditions when the information is mandatory, you will not be able to access the services and contents.

Customers can edit or delete their personal information from time to time. The company will continue to keep a copy of prior updates for record purpose.

Wholekart.com may send direct advertisement mail on your registered email address. You can opt-out from the option by clicking at the unsubscribe link attached in the email. The company respects customer privacy and in case you do want to bare any kind of communication from Wholekart.com or send grievances or feedback, please write to us at wholekart.com


Wholekart.com provides complete security of personal information of customers. However, we urge you to be careful when sharing personal data with third party sources and claimants of our company sent through separate email or phone. The company does not hold any liability towards any such claims or those risen due to customer negligence or willful misconduct. Wholekart.com as a company doesn’t take any onus of the same.